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Hey there! If you are here to read this blog, you have probably already mused upon what your personal style is. Trust me, you are not alone. This is something that each and everyone of us experience, specially when we go through an important transition in life. It might be your first big transition in life – Graduating from school to College. It could be that important transition from a student to a working professional , from a wife to a mother or any transition that matters to you or even a sudden enlightenment. The reason could practically be anything.

There is a famous saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ which people often associate with outfits. But I have a contradicting argument for the common belief. I think a person’s outfit is something that resonates one’s strong beliefs in life and personality as a whole for that matter. Keep reading before you deny this. When I say ‘a person’s outfit’ , it simply doesn’t mean the piece of drape or the accessory. Trying to understand a person from the outfit is like reading between lines. You see the person’s lifestyle, beliefs, and ideologies through their choice of outfits on a regular basis. It is definitely not something that you judge in a day or an occasion. It is about how a person carries oneself on a day to day basis where the outfit acts as a strong medium that bespeaks their personality.

Having clarified my point, let’s now discuss about your personal style.

To begin with, let me assure you that each and everyone of us, do have a personal style. It’s about how precisely we discover it.


  • Your personal style is influenced greatly by your lifestyle.

Yes, this is the first and foremost step in your travel to discover your style. Your lifestyle includes your profession, your relationship status, the climate, the immediate environment around you, the common social beliefs that have always been a part of the life above all your take on all these factors.

Which of the following would you choose to describe yourself?

  1. I want to play by the common beliefs and ideologies of my immediate environment.
  2. I am a rebel and common ideologies do not affect by style.
  3. I am a rebel at heart who is stuck in the vicious cycle of personal beliefs and social beliefs?

Majority fall under the third category. This is the category of people who try in subtle ways to exhibit their ideologies, beliefs, and anger towards the society. We are the people who love to try out bohemian outfits despite the fact that hippie lifestyle is our faraway dream. So next time you see an introvert wearing bold outfits or bohemian ones, don’t jump into the conclusion that they are faking.

Point made – Understand your lifestyle in a deeper sense.

Once you  have a deeper understanding about your lifestyle, try to answer these questions.

  1. What exactly do you want to convey through your personal style?

Classic, trend-forward, bohemian, ethnic, confident, delicate and feminine, bold and beautiful, expressive, eclectic or so. (Just in case you are looking for a right word)

Once you sort this out, you now know the right words to describe your style.

  1. Do you have inspirations? Who or what is it?

There is a common belief that we glorify, adore and take inspirations from celebrities no matter what. Here’s a tangential point of view I’d like to present. Very often, our attraction for a particular style is not influenced just by the celebrity, but their deeper sense of style that resonates ours. The celebrity styles that entice us are only the ones that we find a connect with. Honestly, we are satisfied deep inside that something we secretly love has got social approval. Those who try to replicate a particular celebrity style are probably more attracted and associate themselves with the celebrity rather than their dressing style. But our matter of concern is the dressing style and personality that celebrity reflects and not the person as a whole.

  1. What are the outfits that you have the most ?

Those are the types of outfits that potentially attract you irrespective of the current trends. Understand the fact that they attract you so much because you are probably the most confident and comfortable in that style. And that is all that matters. If something works right for you all the time, embrace it. Trends change but your signature style will never fade away.

  1. Your personal style is not constant. It is a continuum.

You might probably hate something you loved 3 years back and it’s okay. It doesn’t mean you didn’t have a style then. It simply means you have evolved and refined your style with your changing lifestyle.Your style should be in sync with your current lifestyle. You can’t make party wear dresses your wardrobe staple if you are a spend 6 days a week in your office. You cannot walk around with thick leather jackets and fur coats in Rajasthan. Instead you find means to express your style through your choice of colors, materials and prints in clothes that are most appropriate for the profession and climate.

  1. Work on your strengths

You already have your winning areas. It could be your impeccable choice of color , perfect choice of material , picking the right accessories or anything of that kind. This means you have already got your distinctive sense of style. Embrace it, refine it and evolve with it. This unique sense of style that only you possess will freeze in time.

Be flawfully perfect. Be you. That is all that matters.

Although this is not a straightforward ‘how to’ guide, I hope this article has given you some insights about personal style and ways to perceive and identify it.

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