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Did you know that Plaid outfits are rocking the runway ’19 once again?

If your answer is “ Who cares! ”, this article is addressed to you. Even if otherwise, keep reading anyway!

Men’s clothing, has always evolved over ages rather than showing drastic changes every season unlike women’s clothing. Hence introducing a new trend in men’s clothing doesn’t workout until it is in rapo with the core values of a man’s style.

We need to agree that unlike women, men prefer risk-free styles. They’d rather stick to tried and tested trends rather than experimenting with new colors, materials, or prints when it comes to wardrobe mainstays. However, Plaids have the innate character to gain attention and blend themselves in outfits across different age groups. Hence when it comes to prints and patterns that live beyond ages in fashion, Plaids get the golden ticket.

The best exploitation of the eternal glamour of plaids depends how well you wear it. Plaid pieces need to be worked out right, in order to pull off the perfect outfit and here’s how you do that.

The fail-proof pairing

Plaids are the safe plays when it comes to pairing. This is simply because they can be effortlessly paired atop a pair of denims or chinos or layered unbuttoned over a crew neck T- shirt and they look absolutely stunning.

The color palette

Plaids naturally have a mellowed and classy appeal. You can perfect your plaid look by either of the following ways:

1 Create a perfect camouflage

The key to create a perfect camouflage is to keep your outfit subtle and picking the tint, tone or  shade of a single neutral or pastel color.

2 Create a subtle emphasis

You can also embed plaid into your outfit by keeping the rest of the outfit subtle and let the bold plaids do the magic. However, keep in mind to follow a monochrome color palette or simply go for colors that could complement your shirt.

3 The right material

To start with, go for cotton flannel and formal shirts as they are long-lasting and are ideal wardrobe staples.

There are several national and international brands you can lookout for customized premium quality apparels at luxury prices. However, at the other end of the price spectrum, brands like Alex Parsons offer excellent cotton flannel plaid shirts in a wide array of colorways. You can find this brand in our latest online fashion portal Jigno , where you are sure to find the perfect plaid shirt that suits your personality.

We’d love to hear from you about your personal take on men’s fashion.

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