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I swear it was like 2018 New year happened yesterday and it’s surprising that it’s already October. But I need to say that 2018 has been a splendid year when it comes to fashion! Revival of the long lost trends, prints and forgotten epic styles of the 80’s and 90’s while experimenting with a vast palette of hues, textures and materials has indeed given us a lot of fashion goals this year.Also, this year’s trend is definitely not going to be a touch and go because we are so much in love with every trend and every twist in our everyday outfit that this year has taught us!

But what did we miss?

Yes, You got it right! The CHECKS.

They have been in our wardrobe since forever as a mainstay and we almost forgot they have been in trend all the time. But guess what? The monsoon and the winter are already here and it’s time to try on your checks and plaids in offbeat ways.

The designers have come up with unapologetically bright colors and blurred the lines of plaids which makes them go with almost anything.Plaids and checks are the neutrals that let you pull your entire outfit seamlessly together.

If you had noticed the effortless and relaxed street style last season, layering an oversized tartan print jacket over a plain or a graphic tee gave us wardrobe goals.

Following this, sporting plaid shirts(see through shirts rocked the season) over spaghetti and a pair of skinny jeans or leggings was much a much loved street style.

Lately, more feminine outfits like fit and flare and A-line dresses with various hemlines have been the season’s favourite. Worn as single pieces or combined with jackets, the pattern creates a very mellowed and refined look.

High waisted pants and skirts work great with tucked plaid shirts giving you an effortless sophistication.Plaid coats are statement outfits when it comes to Monsoon fashion.

Pairing it right

The basics remain the same no matter what print it is. You can experiment with bright colored plaids by layering them over subtle and neutral colors. This way, you are sure to create a statement outfit.

Your next and important concern should be pairing the type and size of the checks harmoniously. If you decide to give the style a try, keep one of the prints dominant in size while the other creates a canvas or a background over which the bolder one sits effortlessly.

So, that’s all that you need to know to pull out a perfect outfit. It’s now time for some real action woman!

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